A Little Art Blog

I do plan on posting more, as soon as my most recent art class stops kicking my ass all over town.

Which it is doing. :(

Art Class

So it was sad to shut the door on this class. The atmosphere, day-in day-out, was something to be enjoyed. The prof, the other students, the assignments and crits: a really enjoyable experience all around.

I’m not sure that I learned any more nuts n’ bolts skills this time around, but I picked up a lot of conceptual framework and more than anything else, I leave this course with a lot more confidence than what I came in with.

But it’s made me nervous about my future (specifically within the university, as my future outside of it already seems like one unending minefield beneath a swinging sword of Damocles). It’s agony getting into art courses here (thanks, budget cuts in particular), that’s true, but I’m not even sure what I want to take any more. Industrial design seems very distant now, and design courses seem not even half as interesting as the art courses I’ve taken.

So I don’t know. I celebrated a birthday recently, so maybe that’s what’s got me filled with dread.

So our last project was (loosely) labelled as Animal / Human Hybrid.

We visited the University’s Taxidermy lab for a day, sketching, taking pictures, etc. It was a really interesting experience that left me, if nothing else, with tiny database of pictures of taxidermy specimens.

I had a really hard time coming up with a concept at first. In fact, at the end of the first day of work I scrapped everything and restarted. The starting point for me was Christopher Dresser and those geometric drawing of botany he made. I didn’t really hew close to that in the end, but it was in my head all the while.

Hold on…

Last (although temporally, the first) ink practice.

They all feel a bit literal for me, a bit too rigid. But it’s a process. : )

So tomorrow I’m going to post my final project and my last ink sketch. And then we’ll see if I get around to doing anything else before starting summer classes.

Another practice ink.

Another practice ink.

So, we had to make a piece out of $20 of something, then draw that piece.

I chose cards (though due to time constraints I didn’t get the classy traditional cards I wanted. Most of this is Spider-Man 3 and Jack Daniels cards.) :( :( :(